Weekly Services Print

Sunday, November 11th. 10am REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY. We welcome the uniformed organisations to the first part of our service. After they have left to parade to the War War Memorial we will move to the Lower East End for our own special time of remembrance.

Sunday, November 18th. 9am Family Service followed by breakfast. 10am Holy Communion.

Sunday, November 25th. 10am Holy Communion with activities for the children in the Narthex.

Holy Communion is usually celebrated at St. Nicholas at 10am most Tuesdays, see the newsletter for details of any changes.  

The church is open every Thursday afternoon from 2.30pm to 3.30pm for anyone wanting company, a cup of tea and a chat. Do drop in and join us.



If you are GLUTEN INTOLERANT and can’t take normal Communion wafers, please mention this to a churchwarden or to one of the clergy and we will arrange gluten-free wafers for you in subsequent services.