St. Nicholas’ Church

St Nicholas Church is a friendly place of worship & community situated at the heart of the historic town of Warwick,

opposite one of the gates to Warwick Castle and adjacent to the attractive St Nicholas Park.


How Can I Donate to  St Nicholas’ Church?

Registered Charity No. 1131835


Standing Order:

This is probably the easiest way all round for donating to the church.

Standing orders can be set up easily at your bank or online. Gift aid can be claimed on donations made in this way. Contact Jane Rogers for the church’s bank details.


Weekly Envelopes:


Numbered boxes are available from the church office (01926 419905).

New sets of envelopes are issued every calendar year. Gift aid can also be reclaimed on these donations.


One Off Donations:


Blue Gift Aid envelopes are available at the back of the church – please take one, complete it and either put it on the offertory plate or return it to the treasurer or churchwardens.


Collection after the Sunday service:


Please place any cash donations, weekly envelopes or completed Gift Aid envelopes in the collection plate or basket in the entrance (Narthex) fo the church.

Contactless giving


On certain occasions a card reader will be available for giving


Other Online Giving:


Please contact Jane Rogers for the church bank details and if you pay income tax, your donation to the church could be enhanced by a Gift Aid declaration.

Gift aid forms are also available from the church office.

Please take one, complete it and return it to the treasurer or churchwardens.


Thank you very much for all donations received.