St. Nicholas’ Church

St Nicholas Church is a friendly place of worship & community situated at the heart of the historic town of Warwick,

opposite one of the gates to Warwick Castle and adjacent to the attractive St Nicholas Park.


Warwick Team Ministry

 Warwick is served by four Anglican churches.

In 2003 a team ministry was established, building on the strengths of the existing parishes and their developing co-operation.   Each of the churches has its own distinctive personality, preserving and encouraging diversity within the team.   Each has its own PCC and is directly responsible for its own financial affairs, with a team council being responsible for cross-team planning and co-ordination.

The ministerial staff of the team currently comprises four full-time team vicars, one of whom is designated as team rector.

The other churches in the Warwick Team Ministry are:

St Marys

St Pauls

All Saints